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What is P90x?

P90x is a very popular and intense workout routine created by Beach Body and presented by fitness guru Tony Horton. Its promise is to give you lean, ripped and muscular body in just 90 days.  It is designed to give you maximum results transforming your body from average to a hardened piece of steel in just XXX weeks provided you follow the strict P90x schedule, eat healthy and give it 100% of your effort.

How does P90x work?

P90x is a very rigorous workout plan.  It is not for beginners or those who struggle with lifting weights or doing cardio workouts.  But for those with a little experience, it can be a very effective plan to lose weight and build muscle and endurance right in your own home.  P90x has 3 workout variations including the classic schedule, Doubles and Lean.  Descriptions of the 3 variations are provided below.

Overview of P90x workout plan?

P90x uses a variety of different daily workout routines mixing up resistance training days with cardio days.  One of the goals of the P90x workout schedule is to max out different muscle groups on different days working out the front and back of different muscle groups to create “muscle confusion” and help build new lean muscle.

P90x is a home workout program that you can do on your TV or computer using a minimum amount of workout equipment.

What equipment do I need to do P90x at home?

In order to do the P90x workout program at home, you will need the following equipment:

  • Workout mat or yoga mat
  • A variety of dumbbells or resistance bands
  • Pull-up bar (you can find bars that mount to a doorway)
  • Pushup board (optional, but makes pushups easier and more effective)
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How can I maximize my P90x workout?

The best way to maximize your results of the P90x program are to:

  1. Be 100% consistent with your workout schedule.  Don’t cheat yourself by skipping days, stick to the plan and you will see the results.
  2. Try to do the workouts at the same time everyday to help build a routine and to give your body enough down time to recover from each workout
  3. Follow the P90x diet plan strictly and eat meals at the same time each day if you want to achieve the best results in 90 days
  4. Put in the maximum effort.  Absolutely everything you got when you are asked to max out on reps on a given exercise.  If you have to, lower the weight or resistance in order to get in even more reps.
  5. Drink lots of water during and after your workouts especially.

What is muscle confusion?

Muscle confusion is created when you frequently change-up your workout routine.  By not giving your muscles a chance to get used to any single workout routine, you confuse them which is said to larger and stronger muscles more quickly as opposed to doing the same workout routine over and over.

What is the Classic P90x schedule?

The classic P90X schedule follows the original workout schedule provided by Beach Body to obtain maximum results by working out different areas of the body on different days.  The routine consists of 3 days of resistance training with weights or resistance bands followed by 3 days of cardio or yoga focused workouts and 1 day of rest or stretching.

        Download Classic P90X Schedule (PDF)

        Download Classic P90X Schedule (Mobile-friendly Image)





What is the Doubles P90x schedule?

The Doubles P90X schedule is very close to the classic P90x schedule except after the 4th week of workouts, it adds cardio workouts to some of the days you do resistance training.  This is for people who want to take the classic workout to a more extreme level.

        Download Doubles P90X Schedule (PDF)

        Download Doubles P90X Schedule (Mobile-friendly Image)

What is the Lean P90x schedule?

The Lean P90X schedule consists of a similar routine but with more cardio days and less resistance days.  Here you will have 2 days of resistance training and 4 days of cardio or yoga.  The intent of this schedule is to focus on cardio, endurance and weight loss and less on building muscle.

        Download Doubles P90X Schedule (PDF)

        Download Doubles P90X Schedule (Mobile-friendly Image)

Is P90x the right workout routine for you?

P90x is not for beginners.  You need to several things to successfully complete this program and get the results you want:

  1. You need to MAKE TIME to do every workout, everyday and stick to the P90x schedule.
  2. You need to have some experience with cardio and resistance training in order to keep up with the intense workout routines.
  3. You should be somewhat healthy to engage in this program.  If you suffer from serious healthy issues or are severely obese, this is not the right program to get started with.  But as outlined below, there are other programs from Beach Body that will be a better fit for you.
  4. You need to have some basic workout equipment at home including weights or resistance bands, a pull-up bar and a workout mat.  

You should be very motivated and very determined BEFORE you embark on this physically demanding program.  Many people start this program with the best of intentions, but few make it past the 8 week mark and into phase 3 where the best results can occur.  If you need additional motivation, look at some of the success stories from Beach Body including the before and after pics and realize that if you have what it takes, you can be one of their many success stories.

What are the differences between P90x, Insanity and the other Beach Body workout programs?


Clean Week

Type: Low-impact

Time: 30 minutes/day for 7 days


Type: Dance, cardio

Time: 30 minutes/day for 4 weeks

Country Heat

Type: Dance, cardio

Time: 30 minutes/day for 30 days

3 Week Yoga Retreat

Type: Yoga

Time: 10-30 minutes/day for 21 days

Beginner to Intermediate

Muscle Burns Fat

Type: Weight Loss, Strength Training, Muscle Building, Cardio

Time: 25-35 minutes/day for 3 weeks

Barre Blend

Type: Low-impact/cardio/slim and tone

Time: 30-40 minutes/day for 8 weeks

A Little Obsessed

Type: Cardio, strength/muscle-building

Time: 30 minutes/day for 5 days


Type: Cardio, strength/muscle-building

Time: 25-50 minutes/day for 21 days

21 Day Fix

Type: Cardio

Time: 10-30 minutes/day for 21 days


Type: Low impact

Time: 13-45 minutes/day for 60 days


Type: Dance, cardio

Time: 30-50 minutes/day for 4 weeks

Brazil Butt Lift

Type: Cardio

Time: 10-50 minutes/day for 60 days


30 Day Breakaway

Type: Running, Strength Training, Cardio, Weight Loss

Time: 20-45 minutes/day for four weeks

10 Rounds

Type: Cardio, strength/muscle-building

Time: 30-40 minutes/day for six weeks

22 Minute Hard Corps

Type: Cardio, strength/muscle-building

Time: 22 minutes/day for 8 weeks


Type: Cardio

Time: 25 minutes/day for 10 weeks

Intermediate to Advanced

Morning Meltdown 100

Type: Cardio

Time: 20-30 minutes/day for 100 days


Type: Muscle-building

Time: 30-40 minutes/4 days a week for 60 days

80 Day Obsession

Type: Cardio/muscle-building

Time: 30-60 minutes/day for 80 days


Type: Cardio

Time: 15-45 minutes/day for 30 days

Body Beast

Type: Strength/muscle-building

Time: 11-56 minutes/day for 90 days

The Master’s Hammer and Chisel

Type: Strength/muscle-building

Time: 30-40 minutes/day for 60 days


Type: Strength/muscle-building

Time: 30 minutes/day for 90 days


Type: Cardio

Time: 10-55 minutes/day for 90 days


#mbfa Muscle Burns Fat Advanced

Type: Weight Loss, Strength Training, Muscle Building, Cardio

Time: 25-40 minutes/day for 3 weeks

6 Weeks of THE WORK

Type: Cardio/muscle-building

Time: 45 minutes/day for six weeks

Transform :20

Type: Cardio/muscle-building

Time: 20 minutes/day for six weeks

21 Day Fix Extreme

Type: Cardio/muscle-building

Time: 10-30 minutes/day for 21 days


Type: Cardio

Time: 30 minutes/day for 60 days

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